We know that we cannot provide services that go above and beyond without knowing what our customers expect to begin with. Sure, some customers come to us with a clear vision already in mind but there are others who turn to us for our opinion of what will be most effective. In either case, at Curb Signs Inc. we recognize that one of the most important services in manufacturing great signs and products starts with consultation. When it comes to providing the best products and sign solutions for home builders, Curb Signs Inc. takes longevity and stylistic needs seriously. We would rather ensure accuracy right from the start which is why we strongly believe that consultation for each project is a must. We have been in this industry since 2003 and can help educate you in what successful business signs entail. We are happy to consult with you, offer guidance and share our opinions, to ensure your visions come to life. Consulting with our customers is vital to our business for a few reasons. There are options that run right down to the smallest features that need to be pre-determined, to the materials that will supply the best signs and products for your needs. By consulting with our customers we are able to make informed decisions based on specifics such as:

  • Engineering stamps and permits that may be required
  • Plans for where your signs will be placed
  • Understanding environmental conditions that will affect your signs
  • Font sizes and image resolutions