Custom Fabrication

Whether you have a clear cut plan for your signage requirements or need help planning your signs from the ground up, our team of experts is happy to work with you and allow you be as involved as you would like to be. We work hard to be a provider of sign manufacturing that our clients have come to know and trust, and the custom fabrication service brings our all-in-one sign manufacturing business full circle. We love a good challenge and making your big ideas come to life is our specialty.  We are home to some of the best creative fabricators in the world, so the only limits to our custom fabrication service are that of our customer’s imaginations. From a life-size birdhouse, to a scratch-free system designed for banners and turning over a large sales center in only 8 days – our versatility in custom fabrication is all encompassing.   We know the importance of unique and have won numerous awards to prove it.  For example, we were challenged to make a larger than life version of a Zancor Marketing bag sign that everyone thought impossible. Thanks to our expert custom fabrication team, we did exactly that, and won the best pylon sign of the year award in 2013. Not only does custom fabrication give businesses the opportunity to share information and get noticed, they also provide the perfect avenue to help build brand awareness by including a logo, graphics, or even catchphrases that they want people to associate them with. Our custom work options are a reliable way to promote public awareness and build on branding your business. Visual awareness is key in reminding previous customers that your service is waiting for them, and at the same time it provides you with an easy means of also grabbing the attention of new customers. Custom work provided by Curb Signs Inc. can help “Bring People to You” by driving customers through the front door.